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Announcing Glottolog/Langdoc, a knowledge base of 175k references for (mostly) underdescribed languages

We are happy to announce Glottolog/Langdoc, a comprehensive knowledge base of 104k languoids and 175k references for the Semantic Web.

In linguistics as well as in the Semantic Web world, it is important to clearly identify the concepts one is talking about. Glottolog/Langdoc takes this insight as a starting point and provides 104k Unique Resource Identifiers (URIs) for languoids and 175k for references to descriptive literature focusing on underdescribed languages.

Liberman on Open Access and the three-legged stool

This post over at Language Log is highly recommended. A quick excerpt:

“reproducible research” [...] requires three things: (1) the data sets that serve as input; (2) the programs needed to run the experiment; and (3) a comprehensible account of what the experiment does, why it matters, and what the results are.

This is from Mark Liberman's abstract for his talk at the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference taking place in Maryland (not Berlin).

New book on language variation infrastructure

Dear colleagues,

You may want to learn about the book "Language Variation Infrastructure. Papers on selected projects" (2011) based on some talks from Workshop on research infrastructure for linguistic variation (RiLiVS) arranged at the University of Oslo. I think most of you will find the papers interesting.

The book is freely downloadable from the web site of the OSLA Oslo Studies in Language:
You can choose to download the whole book or just individual chapters.

This is the list of contents:

Adapting a Scientific Workflow Infrastructure to Linguistics

In Linguistics (and similar social sciences), there are no standard 'workflow workbenches' that can be used for non-programmers to develop, use, and share their workflows. However, as an increasingly data-intensive science, computational linguists are using computational pipelines in their research, in order to facilitate their main work.

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