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Language Description Heritage (LDH) Digital Library

Dear colleagues,

it is my pleasure to announce the Language Description Heritage (LDH) open access digital library, available online at

The LDH is being compiled at the Max Planck Society in Germany, specifically at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig in cooperation with the Max Planck Digital Library in Munich.

Language Description Heritage (LDH) Digital Library

At the Max Planck Society in Germany we currently are building up the Language Description Heritage (LDH), a digital library to share extant linguistic description and analysis. We plan to officially announce this initiative around February 2010. Currently, we are busy finishing the practical workflow and the communication with the authors who want to submit their work to this digital library.

Introducing the Cyberling blog

The goal of this blog is to provide a point of virtual collaboration regarding the creation, promotion and maintenance of cyberinfrastructure for the field of linguistics (and language sciences more broadly).

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