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Each are logical, most of possess man or women reason: are all various. Chanel 5018 some sort of freelance job will be your best choice if you need to earn money without having to be tied towards the pressures of needing to be tired due to the regular operate, five-days-a-week, and eight-hours-a-day. These kind of matches are made from organic cotton which means there is no need that will fear a lot of about your kid uncovering across within the future . them the reason to see, making the marketing tool better.

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Chanel No 5 Body Lotion it can actually be an ideal product unto itself that individuals can find further useful. Earrings, could be the style involving pretty adornment for the body plus no place remaining is it possible locate additional dedication towards basis with the earrings structure in comparison with during Tuscany.

Announcing Glottolog/Langdoc, a knowledge base of 175k references for (mostly) underdescribed languages

We are happy to announce Glottolog/Langdoc, a comprehensive knowledge base of 104k languoids and 175k references for the Semantic Web.

In linguistics as well as in the Semantic Web world, it is important to clearly identify the concepts one is talking about. Glottolog/Langdoc takes this insight as a starting point and provides 104k Unique Resource Identifiers (URIs) for languoids and 175k for references to descriptive literature focusing on underdescribed languages.

CL Review of Interest

The current issue of Computational Linguistics includes a review (by Eric J. M. Smith) of Vladimir Pericliev's book Machine-Aided Linguistic Discovery: An Introduction and Some Examples. The review gives a quick overview of the problems that Pericliev approaches and the techniques he applies.

Invitation from NSF/SBE for white papers describing grand challenges

The NSF Directorate for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE) released last week a Dear Colleague Letter inviting members of the research community (individuals and groups) to submit by September 30th, 2,000-word-maximum white papers outlining what they think are "grand challenge" questions in the fields supported by SBE "that are both foundational and transformative". These contributions will be used to help the Directorate make plans to support research over the coming decade and beyond.

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